Process of completing our paper.

  • 1Apply glue of natural material evenly on both the front and back of the Sugiharagami.

  • 2Dry thoroughly in sunlight all day. Repeat this process once more.

  • 3Boil the Japanese paper with the applied glue by the slaked lime solution.

  • 4Wash thoroughly with water, squeeze and dry in the sun.

  • 5Apply the persimmon juice on both sides.

  • 6Let dry for a whole day in the sun.

  • 7Apply persimmon juice again and let it dry in the sun.

  • 8Apply once more a coat persimmon juice and dry it in the sun. By gradually repeating this work the color gets darker.

  • 9Apply glue made from seaweed and dry it in the sun.

  • 10Steam it last, then dry it in the sun. This is the completion of the persimmon juice washi paper which finally becomes the material of the bag. Each piece will be sewn together from this point.