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Color variation

Persimmon juice comes from crushing immature persimmons before coloring and fermented the squeezed liquid for about 2 years. After repeatedly painting natural dyes which are transmitted from ancient times, when it is devoted to the light of the sun, a distinctive color and texture called "persimmon tea" is born. Tannin contained in persimmon juice has effects such as antiseptic, insecticidal, and waterproofing, and it has the power to enhance the strength of the material each time it is dyed.


Persimmon tanning is applied which increases the texture enough to wear it.


After applying the persimmon juice, an iron mordant is applied and finished to a deep black.


The innocent whiteness unique to Sugiharagami is utilized without applying the persimmon juice dye.


In a small workshop in Akashi City of Hyogo prefecture, Japan,
paper products are being made from the original “Sugiharagami” of Hyogo, that has over 1300 years of history.
In KAMIYA there is a culture of Japanese craftsmanship skills, spirit of manufacturing, and the sacred long-term use of one thing.


KAMIYA is pursuing universal beauty that will stay constant despite the changing times and borders. It is our hope that Sugiharagami, that combines softness and durability, will be a product that blends into the lives of people all over the world by repeatedly painting the natural dye / persimmon juice that has been passed down since the ancient times in Japan.


It is made with perennial mulberry which can be increased by planting trees and it does not destroy the forest because it circulates to the natural world after use and does not have any risks to future ecosystems. Coexisting with nature and care for the environment a hundred years ahead is also an important theme of KAMIYA.